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Book: Cleaning Windows XP for Dummies

by SpywareGuide Staff

I have just started reading Allen Wyatt's "Cleaning Windows XP for Dummies". If you are new to the world of registry hacking, cleaning your pc, and grappling with the subtle features of Windows XP this is a great place to start. Written for the person with limited knowledge about their PC, the book guides you step-by-step through crucial cleaning processes. It also covers fixes for glitches, bugs and fine tuning your XP machine for maximum privacy.

There are several sections on the impact of spyware and how to manage it with an array of good web resources. Many thanks to the author for the kind words he has to say about SpywareGuide.com in his text.

(Page 142) "Where can I find reliable information about spyware?"

The number of spyware programs is increasing, as is the number of sneaky ways for spyware to get on your system. Because the battlefield is changing so rapidly you need a reliable source of information regarding spyware. I routinely recommend the following two sites:

SpywareGuide: The site has some great educational tools, along with descriptions of all the identified spyware programs.

SpywareInfo: This site features a weekly newsletter aout spyware, along with helpful forums and software.

The author also listed SpywareGuide as one of his Top 10 resources the author uses when cleaning his system.

(reference page 316) SpywareGuide: http://www.spywareguide.com A great resource for figuring out the latest spyware scams and how they can affect your system. Includes an online spyware scanning tool to help check your system. Also features information on different privacy and system tools that help you protect your system.

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