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Blocking Ads Forever: Product Review

by Wayne Porter

Blocking Advertising: Blocking Any Pop-Up ...Anytime

Every now and then we come across a product that really puts its us in an ethical quandry. We feel advertising is an important part of the Internet. These ads do help keep content free and pays the salaries of writers, researchers and support staff. Advertising on the Internet today has become so intrusive and so distracting it is ruining the end- user's experience. There is nothing than misleading ads, fly-ins, pop-unders, and worst of all- advertisements generated by spyware. While some of this might be controlled by regulation and law the quickest and most elegant solution is technological.

Super Ad Blocker is the first ad-blocker designed to block all new forms of advertising. It blocks all Pop-Ups, Pop-Unders, Rich Media, Flash, Messenger ads, some Spyware ads, InVue, Slide-in, Fly-in ads and many other advertising formats.

It also offers some real-time blocking abilities for many adware programs like Cydoor,
CoolWebSearch, Lop, Huntbar, Ezula, Sandboxer as well as other types of? harmful software!
(Important Note: Use this tool if you want to remove CoolWebSearch and its hundreds of variants.)

Super Ad Blocker also helps keep web searches relevant by removing annoying and misleading sponsored search ads from search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Most importantly it offers automatic updates to keep Super Ad Blocker up to date at all times.

We don't recommend you use this tool to replace your spyware remove. However, it will greatly help with the symptoms and other annoying ads not related to adware or spyware. In our opinion it is the only advertising blocker a person will ever need.

Download Free Trial

You can try the free trial version for thirty days. Download Trial Here
No credit is card is needed to download the trial program. Seeing the Internet without all the intrusive advertising is an amazing experience.

If you want to buy the software SpywareGuide.com has worked out a special deal for readers. For a limited time only you can claim an instant 20% purchase discount by using the Coupon Code : SPYWAREGUIDE at the time of purchase.

Program ScreenShot



Screen Shot of Super Ad Blocker

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