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Identity Theft and Spyware
Wayne Porter
The link between snooper programs and identity theft. Strategies to play it safe with your real-world and digital identity. Labeled ?the fastest growing crime in America,? it is predicted that in the United States alone, 15 million people (or 1 in 20) will have their identity compromised in 2006 ? that's more than a 350 percent increase from a year ago.

Instant Messaging E-Commerce Exploits- Judgement Day
Chris Boyd, Wayne Porter
Just when you thought it was safe to back into the waters the world of IM just become far more malicious than ever. An attack that can even occur from a trusted source. Beware- clicking that link can open up Pandora's box.

Keyloggers- Do They Violate WireTapping Laws?
Wayne Porter
Keyloggers and system monitors are they legal or do they violate wiretapping laws? The Florida courts think so.

Laptop Security and Laptop Theft Tips to Stay Protected
Jan Hertsens
Your laptop is your life, not to mention really expensive. Treat it like it is your last one and keep spies and thieves at bay with these simple survival strategies.

Lover Spy- We Don't Love You
Chris Criswell
Lover Spy goes to any length to make a sale. In true bottom-of-the-bucket fashion another spyware vendor makes their pitch with a twist.

Media Destruction: Destroy CDs, DVDs, and Diskettes.
Wayne Porter
All data should be treated as if it were sensitive no matter what form it is. Learn about degaussing, shredding and wiping media.

Media Research II: Identity Theft
SpywareGuide Staff
Media research on identity theft, crimes and related legislation.

Media Research: Identity Theft
SpywareGuide Staff
Recent news pieces on identity theft

Open Letter to Software Developers: Mind Your CLSIDs
Jan Hertsens
Some developers seem to insist on re-using existing CLSIDs. This article explains why this is a really bad idea.

Phishing Attacks Avoiding with Common Sense and Free Credit Disclosure
Jan Hertsens
Phishing attacks are on the rise and a real hazard for the uneducated Internet user. Learn how phishing works and a few common sense tactics to protect yourself.

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