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Spyware, keyloggers, dialers and rogue adware continues to surge as a major threat for online users. In the form of adware, snoopware and so-called legitimate marketing applications users are now at even greater risk.

Companies are going as far as to repackage generic Trojan programs and selling them as system monitors or "nanny controls" sold in the guise of protection when indeed they are only created for spying on and recording the private activities of you- the end user.

In many cases users have no idea they have even downloaded or installed these applications because of their stealth tactics and removal of these applications is problematic for even advanced users. Poorly written spy applications open up dangerous security holes on unsuspecting computers, degrade system performance and stress already taxed resources!

Team X-Cleaner has been helping consumers regain their privacy since 1999. We are firmly committed to helping users protect their privacy and the control of their computers.

We feel that no company or individual has a right to pry into your personal or private business. We also feel consumers have the ultimate say-so on what does or does ont go on their machine. We continually strive to stay abreast of current issues and keep our users and readers informed on the latest tips, news and threats and products coming into the spyware and privacy pipeline.

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