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Full Name:
Ebates Moe Money Maker
Type: Loyaltyware
Also Known As: ebatesmoemoneymaker ebates moe money maker
Created By: Ebates
Danger Level: 4
Category Description: Loyaltyware is a type of software that works around the concept of user loyalty by providing incentives in the form of cash, points, airline miles, or other type of goods while shopping.
Official Description: Sends ads to your computer or changes out core links with affiliate tracking links. Such ads may or may not be targeted, but popup, and are not merely displayed within the form of an ad-sponsored application. The application is centered around user loyalty, "loyalty ware", and providing cash or other rebates to users who make purchases with their merchant partners.

Moe Money maker reserves the right in their EULA to disable any software they feel might interfere with your rebates. Recent research on Ben Edelman's site has shown this application being installed via browser security holes.
Comment: In downloading and/or installing the Moe Money Maker Software, you agree to the following:

1)Ebates and its agents may pop up brief alerts when you can save money by shopping through Ebates or by using the Moe Money Maker Software.

2)Ebates may direct your traffic to the merchant of your choice. This may be done a)by presenting a choice in a pop up alert asking whether you wish to save by shopping through Ebates, thereby directing your browser through Ebates in order to ensure you earn a reward, or b)by automatically routing you through Ebates and automatically earning you a cash-back discount with no further action on your part being necessary.

3)Ebates may disable or uninstall any other product or software tool that might interfere with the operability of the Moe Money Maker Software or otherwise preempt or render inoperative the Moe Money Maker Software in a manner that might jeopardize the ability of Ebates to earn you cash back discounts or coupon savings offered by Ebates. In installing the Moe Money Maker Software, you authorize Ebates to disable, uninstall, or delete any application or software that might, in Ebates' opinion nullify its function and put you at risk of loosing the cash-back savings that Moe Money Maker Software is designed to earn you. 4)If you would like to utilize another savings tool, you can simply uninstall the Moe Money Maker Software before installing a competitive application. The Moe Money Maker Software can be easily uninstalled through the standard 'add or remove programs'
Information URL: https://www.ebates.com

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