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Full Name:
Type: Loyaltyware
Also Known As: Opinion Bar
Danger Level: 3
Category Description: Loyaltyware is a type of software that works around the concept of user loyalty by providing incentives in the form of cash, points, airline miles, or other type of goods while shopping.
Comment: This is a Broswer Helper Object.
Author description : OpinionBar.com is not a "get paid to surf" program in the exact meaning of the words. Instead OpinionBar pays when you give you opinion. When you surf to a website that OpinionBar is interested in your opinion about you get the opportunity to answer questions in the view-bar. Your opinions are then pooled with everyone else who has answered the survey and the results are presented to the company doing the survey. Signing up for OpinionBar is different from other companies, you download the view-bar first and then the first time you open it you get to create your account. Thier view-bar is good even though it has some instabilites, which is to expect since it is a beta test.
Information URL: http://www.opinionbar.com

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