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Full Name:
Type: Worm
Danger Level: 8
Category Description: Virus-like program that spreads automatically to other computers by sending itself out by email or by any other means. A program that propagates itself by attacking other machines and copying itself to the affected machine.

Worms have self-replicating code that travels from machine to machine by various means. A worms first objective is merely propagation. Worms can be destructive depending on what payload they have been given. Worms may replace files, but do not insert themselves into files.
Comment: The download url for this worm was found in Orkut.com. It comes in the form of a screensaver file. Once it infects the PC it runs as a process in the task manager and does not allow the user to shutdown the PC.This worm also sends system information through e-mail.
Manual Removal: Killing the process "Cartao0057.scr" and autostarter "msnmsgr".
1. Open Task Manager.
On Windows 95/98/ME, Press CTRL+ATL+DEL
On Windows NT/2000/XP, Press CTRL+ALT+DEL, Select the Task Manager or Right-Click on the task bar and click on "Task Manager"
2. Click on the Processes tab.
3. In the list of programs, right click on "Cartao0057.scr" and select End Task or End Process.
4. Close "Task Manager" and run X-cleaner.
Delete a Registry Key
1.Click on "Start" then "Run".
2.Type in "regedit" then click "OK"
3.In the Left pane scroll down to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run".
4.On the Right pane right click on "msnmsgr" and click on delete.
5.Close the Registry editor.

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