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Full Name:
Type: Trojan
Danger Level: 8
Category Description: Trojans are malicious applications that pose themselves as legitimate software in order to trick users to install them. Once on the victim's machine, it may run any number of malicious process to steal vital information or inflict damage to other software.
Official Description: From thier website:
No Process Visible in any Task manager,Process
Injects into Explorer.exe on startup and exiting the parent.
Firewall bypassing by injecting code into IE and sending mail
Invisible Startup, will not show in msconfig,autorun.exe (sysinternals)
Automatic Uninstall
Protucted Storage ,Cashed Passwords sender
No need to use your own SMTP server(sending directly) to MX.
Remote Installer,Uninstaller
Built in Binder makes the keylogger same as the binded EXE(Icon,Version)
We can bind keylogger with any type of EXE or picture,documents
HTML formatted logs
Detect ICQ/MSN/AOL/Yahoo Chats.
Logging Window names,All keys typed in that window.
EXE Size is 12.7 KB
Information URL: http://www.elitec0ders.net/keylogers.htm

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