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Full Name:
Type: Virus
Also Known As: W32/Nuwar@MM (McAfee) Email-Worm.Win32.Glowa (Kaspersky) I-Worm/Nuwar (Grisoft) W32/Nuwar.worm (Panda) W32/Nuwar@mm (Fortinet) WORM_NUWAR (Trend)
Danger Level: 6
Category Description: Malevolent software that spreads itself automatically by infesting other files on your PC. Software which attaches to other software. A boot virus inserts its code into the boot record or master boot record of a disk, so that when the machine boots from that disk, the virus code is executed. A file virus inserts its code into an executable file, so that when that file is executed, the virus is executed as well. A macro virus attaches itself to documents like Word or Excel.
Comment: Nuwar@MM uses its own SMTP engine to send spam mail and a copy of itself to email addresses obtained from the infected computer.

Attachment filenames:

Flash Postcard.exe
Greeting Postcard.exe
Greeting Card.exe

Some of the Subject headers:

The Time for Love
When You Fall in Love
Your Love Has Opened
My Love
Our Love is Free
Eternity of Your Love
I Love You Soo Much
Wrapped in Your Arms
Our Love Nest
Hugging My Pillow
The Dance of Love
Falling In Love with You
Why I Love You
A Kiss So Gentle
Miracle of Love
A Token of My Love
Our Love Will Last
Inside My Heart
The Miracle of Love
Our Love is Strong
Love Remains
I am Complete
I Dream of you
Dream Girl

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