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Full Name:
Alexa Toolbar
Type: DataMiner
Also Known As: Alexa Toolbar, Amazon Toolbar
Danger Level: 1
Category Description: Software of any nature that has the primary function of gathering data about an end-user. Data gathered maybe personal or in aggregate only.
Official Description: Alexa web search -- a new kind of search engine. With traffic rankings, user reviews and other information about sites, Alexa is a web site discovery tool. Features an Amazon shopping button on the product and anonymously aggregates surfing information. Provides clear EULA as well as opt-out instructions.

Alexa web search combines the Google search engine with Alexa's comprehensive site information and puts it all inside an Amazon.com interface.
Comment: Used to transmit a identification ID, however, Alexa no longer does this. Has a very clear EULA but user's should understand that their surfing habits will be anonymously aggregated.

Note- There have been reports that secure URLs can be sent when using the "Related Site Function" due to a security flaw in Internet Explorer.
Information URL: http://www.alexa.com/
Manual Removal: Has uninstaller included.

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