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Full Name:
Type: Dialer
Also Known As: eGroup IEAccess2 IE Access EGroup.IEAcess.surfya
Created By: Electronic Group
Danger Level: 4
Category Description: A program that can secretly change your dialup connection setting so that instead of calling your local internet provider, your PC calls are routed to an expensive 0900 or international phone number.
Official Description: IEAccess is an ActiveX control used to download and install premium-rate diallers, primarily for porn sites.
Comment: Installed by ActiveX drive-by-download by porn-related pages from nocreditcard.net and sex-explorer.com, which may be opened or redirected to by pop-up advertising.
Manual Removal: From 'Downloaded Program Files' in the Windows folder, right-click the 'IEDial class' entry and remove it. This does not actually get rid of the software, so open a DOS command prompt window (from Start->Programs->Accessories) and enter the following command, for Windows 95/98/Me:

"%WinDir%\System\regsvr32.exe" /u "%WinDir%\System\IEAccess2.dll"

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