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Full Name:
Type: Adware
Created By: Beijing 3721 Technology Company Ltd.
Danger Level: 5
Category Description: Program that delivers advertisements on your PC.

Note that many websites have their own advertising, unrelated to adware.

Adware is any software application in which advertising is displayed while the program is running. The authors of these applications include additional code that delivers the ads, which can be viewed through pop-up windows or through a bar that appears on a computer screen and sometimes through text links or in integrated search results. Adware may or may not track personal information. It may also gather information anonymously or in aggregate only. Users should check the EULA and Privacy policy to ensure if the adware on their machines conforms to their standards.
Comment: Other than replacing the IE search feature with a Chinese site likely to be incomprehensible to non-Chinese users, CnsMin is not overtly harmful, but it uses extremely anti-social methods to make it difficult to uninstall. Is installed by ActiveX drive-by-download at its company's site, 3721.com. Has also apparently been included in junk e-mail, which could be how some Western users have ended up with it.
Information URL: http://www.3721.com/
Manual Removal: You cannot delete CnsMin whilst it is running; if you try to deregister it, it restores all its registry entries immediately. In Windows 95 and 98 you can boot without loaded it must be done by using Start -> Shutdown -> Restart in MS-DOS mode and typing the following commands:

del cns*.*
del 3721\*.*
rmdir 3721
Then reboot.

In Windows NT/2000/XP it is possible to move the files so that they cannot be reloaded. Open the Command prompt (Start -> Programs -> Accessories) and type:

cd "%WinDir%\Downloaded Program Files"
ren CnsMin.dll CnsDel.dll
Reboot and load the Command prompt again. Type:

cd "%WinDir%\Downloaded Program Files"
del cns*.*
The first time you reboot after deleting or moving CnsMin you'll get an error about not being able to find it. Ignore this. To clean up the remaining traces of the software that cause this, open the registry (Start -> Run -> regedit) and delete the following keys:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\AdvancedOptions\!CNS
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Extensions\{5D73EE86-05F1-49ed-B850-E423120EC338}
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Extensions\{ECF2E268-F28C-48d2-9AB7-8F69C11CCB71}
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Extensions\{FD00D911-7529-4084-9946-A29F1BDF4FE5}

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