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Full Name:
Type: Dialer
Also Known As: MasterConnector AXDownload WebInstall WebUpdate
Created By: Visions4Tomorrow Marketing gmbh
Danger Level: 5
Category Description: A program that can secretly change your dialup connection setting so that instead of calling your local internet provider, your PC calls are routed to an expensive 0900 or international phone number.
Official Description: An ActiveX installer control for premium-rate phone dialers.

Installed by ActiveX drive-by-download on a pop-up window that imitates a Windows software installation dialogue, from web pages operated by Firstway Medien GmbH and COMFIX newMedia.

The software may claim to be a webcam viewer, chat program or eDonkey, depending on the site.
Comment: Any web page can direct it to install any executable code.
Information URL: http://www.masterdialer.de/
Manual Removal: Open the Downloaded Program Files folder inside the Windows folder, and delete the control called 'Main class' (AXDownload), 'WebInstall' or 'WebUpdate'.

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