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Full Name:
Top Moxie
Type: Loyaltyware
Also Known As: CouponsandOffers WebSavingsfromEbates topmoxie MoeMoneyMaker
Created By: M Punto 2 Punto Technologies, S.A.
Danger Level: 3
Category Description: Loyaltyware is a type of software that works around the concept of user loyalty by providing incentives in the form of cash, points, airline miles, or other type of goods while shopping.
Official Description: Sends ads to your computer or changes out core links with affiliate tracking links. Such ads may or may not be targeted, but popup, and are not merely displayed within the form of an ad-sponsored application.

Top Moxie powers several shopping bars for large incentive shopping properties including Limewire, Upromise, General Mills BoxTops4Education and Ebates among others.

The application is centered around user loyalty, "loyalty ware", and providing cash or other rebates to users who make purchases with their merchant partners.
Comment: Appears to have the ability to log all activity in the click stream.

Recent reports show the MoeMoneyMaker application, by Ebates, being installed via a browser security flaw.
Information URL: http://www.topmoxie.com
Manual Removal: Clean Registry

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