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Full Name:
EICAR Standard Anti-Virus Test File
Type: Virus
Also Known As: EICAR-AV-Test
Category Description: Malevolent software that spreads itself automatically by infesting other files on your PC. Software which attaches to other software. A boot virus inserts its code into the boot record or master boot record of a disk, so that when the machine boots from that disk, the virus code is executed. A file virus inserts its code into an executable file, so that when that file is executed, the virus is executed as well. A macro virus attaches itself to documents like Word or Excel.
Official Description: This file is actually NOT a real virus or malware, it is just a "dummy" virus file,totally harmless, that can be used to test your anti-virus solution. It can be downloaded freely from the eicar website. Why would you want to? Because this solves the dilema of having a way to test your security software without risking to endanger your system. If you software does not detect it, no harm is done.
Manual Removal: Just delete the file. If your anti-virus blocks you from doing this, turn it off first

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