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Full Name:
BrAin Wiper
Type: Trojan
Also Known As: Backdoor.BrainWiper.03
Danger Level: 6
Category Description: Trojans are malicious applications that pose themselves as legitimate software in order to trick users to install them. Once on the victim's machine, it may run any number of malicious process to steal vital information or inflict damage to other software.
Comment: From the Website:
This is a client/server based trojan. It has loads of features.

Unchangable Website - Launch a web site full screen and they can'r change or close it. Message Box - Open a message box with a title a message that you want. Launch Program - Launch a prog on thier computer. Delete Program - Delete a prog on thier computer. Keyboard Breaker - Their comp types in what ever you want and then presses enter until they restart. Crash PC - They get 3 blue screen errors and then thier PC goes into meltdown. Chat - You get to have a simple chat with the victim. Leahcim Chat - A more complec chat using IRC but they might not login. Blackout - Their screen goes black and any key they press they get a error Edit Autoexec - Edit autoexec.bat on thier comp! Beep - Pointless, thier computer beeps Status - Just a status screen but it also tells you what time you done something.
Information URL: http://www.manga-man.cjb.net/

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