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MSNBC May 20, 2005
 MSNBC:Patriotism? No, just more pop-ups "Anthony Porter, co-founder of SpywareGuide.com, a site devoted to informing consumers about surreptitious software, said he started receiving complaints about eUniverse?s KeenValue software two weeks ago.?KeenValue just came on our radar,? he said. ?We [received] a couple of complaints from people wanting to know how to get rid of it ... in the past two weeks.? Porter agreed with Smith?s assertion that KeenValue wasn?t spyware ? he called it simply ?invasive adware.? [...] Jan Hertsens, Porter's partner in SpywareGuide, said adware firms are using more and more aggressive tactics as they struggle to survive in a difficult advertising market. As a result we see ... dirty tricks only (used) by virus writers until recently," Hertsens said.
  Channel Register UK February 2007
 Referring to RSA Panel by Chris Boyd and Wayne Porter on Botnets: "On another panel, Chris Boyd, whose Paperghost alter ego is fond of seeking out and bitch-slapping online bad guys, detailed software parasites that, once they take hold, remove rival malware and install Windows patches in order to protect their hosts."
Bangkok Post July 2005
 "The world's window to Thailand and the region."
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