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X-Cleaner is hands-down the most robust and feature packed anti-spyware and system cleaning tool on the planet. It has been referred to as the swiss-army knife for privacy minded consumers.

You can shred files, picture, old system artifacts, temp files and cookies. You can clean other program artifacts and X-cleaner let's you inoculate your system against rogue Active-X controls.

The program doesn't stop there but supports full adware, malware and spyware scanning, plus removal and encyclopedia look-up! And to make it more powerful a suite of features for advanced users is included.

To make it truly powerful X-CleaneX-Cleaner Deluxe Boxshotr offers a full year of access to their mobile scanning solution so you can check a PC from anywhere! Unlike many other companies X-Cleaner also offers frequent updates and to all current members in good-standing.

This is all backed-up by our friendly email based tech support. If you run into a problem our highly acclaimed tech support will work with you every step of the way to help you out. You will be working with trained anti-spyware technicians who are extremely experienced on the spyware market.

Take a look at a few screen shots from X-Cleaner and we think you'll be impressed and agree why X-Cleaner is number one. Remember you also get access to the mobile anti-spy technology so you make sure you are safe no matter where you are!

X-Cleaner Features

  • Remove traces of movie files, pictures viewed
  • Detect and remove spy software that logs your private activity
  • Find and remove pornographic content on your computer
  • Permanently erase files with a military file shredder
  • Stop password theft, know if users are snooping your keystrokes!
  • Stealthy! So small you can take it with you anywhere or scan online!
  • Adware Prevention - stop adware from activating
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Spyware Reference Encyclopedia

X-Cleaner features the first fully integrated Spyware, Malware and Adware encyclopedia that lets you know exactly what programs it treats and what treatment is available. We firmly believe that you must be educated about the applications running on their machine! We continually add information to the guide with new additions and changes.

Spyware Encyclopedia

Scan for Adware, Spyware, Malware and Dialers

A simple click and X-Cleaner starts scanning for spyware and or adware. It gives you the option to remove it! Note there many other options to scan and delete other features that may invade your privacy- from here you can clear cache, chat logs, temp files, and even improve your IE privacy settings!

We continually add to the database of spyware as our users report them. All updates and program updates are free for the first year and only $9.95 for each year after.

Suspicious Program Detected

LSP Verification & Messenger Service Fix

Messenger Service FixX-Cleaner also has built-in LSP checking abilities to ensure that the removal of a spyware doesn't cripple your system. It isn't surprising that some programs don't want to be extracted from your system and some will try to sabotage your connection.

X-Cleaner can quickly and easily turn off Messenger Service that is often used by spammers to subject users to dozens of annoying pop-ups. No complex commands, lengthy technical instructions, simply click and fix.

One Click Spyware Inoculation Function

This is the perfect feature to help keep your kids protected against privacy invasive adware. X-Cleaner uses a powerful system that allows you to inoculate your registry against Active-X controls that try to sneak into your system. One click and you can choose them all or just programs you want to keep out. If these programs try to run- they will fail. We continually add to the inoculation database as information hits the street.

Spyware Inoculation Function

Industrial Strength File Shredder

X-Cleaner has made it super-easy to permanently delete and destroy files- any files. Simply drag and drop files to the shredder to permanently and securely delete them. Our randomizing algorithm assists in defeating forensics programs that try to recover erased data. Caution- once shredded these files are gone, use caution.

Secure destroy files with the Shredder

Cleans Other Programs

Full cleaning functions for "usage tracks" in a broad range of programs. You can even remember to keep your settings for fast cleaning.

Supports popular applications like Winzip,Adobe, Real Player ACDSee, your clipboard and plenty more.

Even cleans up hidden trails left in .chk files, old log files, recycle bin files and temporary directories. Uses multiple re-writes to ensure data is "bleached".

Cleans Other Programs


For true ease of use you can manually or have X-Cleaner automatically check for updates either by notifying you when done or totally silent.

Automatic Updater

Password Generator

Passwords are your first line of defense! X-Cleaner can automatically generate hard to guess and nearly impossible to crack password strings to ensure you are protected the right way. Note- X-Cleaner does not store these passwords, you must commit them to memory!

Password Generator

Picture Probe

Ever download a picture but forget where you downloaded it? This is a common problem for many people. The Picture Probe will scan your entire hard drive for lost files images and finds every image on your computer no matter where you left. You can ignore, shred, move or save using the Image Shredder.

Picture Probe

Image View and Image Shredder

Image Viewer& Image Shredder

There is probably nothing more embarrassing then having media on your computer that you don't want people to see, especially children.

X-Cleaner lets you scan multiple drives and it turns up ALL pictures. The image scan will scan your entire hard drive for lost files images for you to view.

You might forgot about them, but your computer surely doesn't.

Advanced Functions

X-Cleaner includes an Start-up Analyzer, Registry Editor, ability to see Open TCP/IP ports to see who or what is connected to your machine. Also has our new super-cool function called "Show all Windows" that let's you see what is really going on- even "hidden" windows. As a plus you can even hide windows yourself to keep prying eyes out of applications or long download.

Advanced Functions

Advanced: Show Active Windows

Show Active Windows

Shows all active windows running on your PC, even those that true to use stealth tactics.

You can show, hide or kill any window. Yes- you can actually have programs operating and hide their function from anyone passing by.

Advanced Function: Show Active Ports

Show Active Ports

What machines are connected to yours? The built-in port monitor can let you know what ports are active at a glance and give you a suspect activity report.

If a connection is active, you can also see the IP address of the remote computer. This can be extremely useful to identify who is behind an intrusion.

Advanced Function: Registry Editor

Registry Editor For those do-it-yourself expert users a handy registry interface is included. If you know how to handle the registry, the registry editor is always just a click away.

Advanced Function: Auto-Start Cleaner

Auto Start Cleaner

Have programs that just won't quit? Not sure what is starting up when you run your PC? X-Cleaner has a full featured Auto-Start Analyzer and Cleaner. You can get rid of annoying programs in your start-up, spyware or just programs that hog memory. X-Cleaner shows it all even those that don't want to be found!

On Screen Keyboard

Some hardware keyloggers can not be detected or removed via software. In cases like this you can use the "on screen keyboard" to enter sensitive data such as passwords via the mouse. This defeats all hardware based logging.

Onscreen Keyboard

Live and Fast Email Support

XBlock strives to help our customers every step of the way. We know how frustrating getting keyloggers, adware, malware and spyware off of your machine can be. They clog up computers, bombard you with ads, and slow down your connection- sometimes even damaging machines.

Our highly trained anti-spy specialists will work with you by email to help with troublesome cases and new spywares. With your XBlock membership help from a trained professional is only an email away! Our technicians will actually spend time analyzing your computer to ensure you get peak performance!

Try getting that level of service from a big company like Symantic or Norton where customers are merely numbers lost in a vast corporate machine. At XBlock we recognize the need for personal attention and we work hard to assure our customers are getting the most out of their Internet experience!

We continually add to the XBlock Members Area to make sure you are getting the best value and protecting yourself from dangerous threats on the web. We CARE about our customers!

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