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XBlock.com in the Press

NBC Logo

WNBC featured XBlock as Counter-Espionage Software in the"Online Arms Race".


Barron's Financial News
(May 13, 2002 Online & Print Edition) interviews and tests X-Cleaner:

"On my PC, it found the keystroke logger withing a couple of seconds of hitting the "Go" button, and disabled it as requested ... X-Cleaner goes beyond just looking for spyware-it cleans up any tracks you may have have left on your computer... X-Cleaner goes several steps beyond other programs we checked out"

Playboy Magazine

Playboy Magazine notes X-Cleaner as a preferred privacy software in Sex Advisor’s monthly column.
(Print Edition page 41 of the June 2002 U.S. issue)

ZD Net
ZD Net gives X-Cleaner a 5 star rating. ZDNet top 10 PC Utility download for week of December 14 and `8th. X-Cleaner peaks at #7. See screenshot.
ScamBusters Logo

ScamBusters, a well-known Internet "Watchdog" organisation recommends X-Cleaner in its newsletter.
(Edition 41, 01/01)

ZD Net ZDNET Anchor Desk “Kill spyware dead! Try these three tools” – May 15, 2002 Online Edition.
Cover Page Playboy Magazine talks about X-Cleaner from xblock.com (Print Edition page 41 of the July 2001 U.S. issue)
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Cover Page NetRunner Magazine Japan reviews X-Cleaner in the Oct. 01 Print issue.
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Cover Page Japanese Computer Magazine called ADSL features X-Cleaner on their CD compilation.
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