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Cookies- Not Spyware
SpywareGuide Staff
Everyone has a different idea about spyware. Enter the much maligned cookie, the latest target in the fear monger's toolset.

FaceTime Security Labs
FaceTime Security Labs announced the discovery of a worm that steals users? banking details, usernames and passwords. The worm, known as MW.Orc, is propagating through Orkut, Google?s social networking site, as users launch an executable file disguised as a JPEG. Google has a temporary fix in place and encourages Orkut users not to open suspicious files.

Dissection of Rogue Google Toolbar Payload
Chris Criswell, Wayne Porter
Dissection of rogue Google Toolbar installations. Includes reference sites and CLSIDs. Payload analysis based on Chris Boyds's "The Rogue Google Toolbar: History and Variants."

Enbrowser's Snack Man Doesn't Munch Spyware- User Beware
Chris Mannon
Free games sound good, everyone loves a free game. That us until the game becomes evading all the pop-ups, adware installs and other garbage put on your PC.

EULA Dissection- What to Look For in a EULA
Wayne Porter, Jan Hertsens
What's in a EULA also known as an End User License Agreement. We take one apart for you. Before you download that software or must have digital trinket READ THE FINE PRINT.

ExtortionWare : FTC Files First Spyware Case
SpywareGuide Staff
Finally the FTC acts and this time they are going after a new breed of extortion ware.

Free FireFox Download. Better, Brighter and Gaining on MSIE Fast
Wayne Porter
Learn the history about the Firefox project with Google Toolbar and learn about some security reasons that may spurn tou to make the switch. Afterall- best of all FireFox and its extensions are free!

FTC Spyware WorkShop PDF Reference Files
Jan Hertsens
Archived presentations in PDF format. Including Orson Swindle, Bryson Gordon, Andrew McLaughlin, Jules Polonetsky, Jeffrey Friedberg, Wayne Porter and Rep. Sephen Urqhuart, Utah. Also includes Agenda and PanelistBios also included in PDF format courtesy of the FTC.

Greynets: Instant Messenger Opens Gates to Hidden Spyware
Chris Boyd, Wayne Porter
No part of the Internet is truly safe and one part of the Internet that frequently gets neglected in defense is instant messenging. This SpywareGuide.com special report covers a potent Greynet threat that takes advantage of user's lax defenses and sense of trust when it comes to guarding their IM traffic and connections.

ICQ Nightmare: A True Story of a Bad Password
Wayne Porter
Think ICQ or instant messenging is safe? Think again. Read this true life story about one man who lost his account due to bad password selection.

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