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Phishing Incident Reporting and Termination Squad Announced
Chris Boyd, Wayne Porter
Phishing Incident Reporting and Termination (PIRT) Squad formed.

Press Release: FaceTime's Gateway-to-Desktop Anti-Spyware
SpywareGuide Staff
FaceTime Announces the First Integrated Gateway-to-Desktop Spyware & Greynets Prevention System. Patent-Pending Technology Instantly Pinpoints Infected PCs and Performs Clientless Targeted Remediation to Disarm Spyware Applications.

Press Release: Performics & Commission Junction Release New Adware Guidelines via Code of Conduct
Wayne Porter
Both Performics and Commission Junction (the largest Pay for Performance Network) has relased changes to the publisher COC (code of conduct) in order to provide more guidance on how applications should behave in terms of ethics and how they should interact with a consumer's pc.

Property Values, Satellite Maps and Zillow
SpywareGuide Staff
A new service called Zillow allows you to easily access the value of your home...and your neighbors and even their neighbors.

Quick and Safe Password Selection Tips
K. Tradowsky
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This really applies to your personal Internet security. Follow these basic guidelines and you greatly reduce the chances of ever having your passwords broken or security compromised.

Release: Anti-Spyware Coalition Agenda Released
FaceTime Security Labs
The Anti-Spyware Coalition will unveil the final agenda for its first Public Workshop and also release the final working report of a risk model description that helps provide transparency in how anti-spyware companies evaluate software applications.

Release: IM Rootkit, BotNet Linked to Hacker Group in Middle East
SpywareGuide Staff
Experts at FaceTime Security Labs,the threat research division of FaceTime Communications, identified and reported a new threat today related to the AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) "RootKit" worm they first identified on October 28, 2005. New research on the AOL rootkit worm confirms it acts as a back door for additional malware to be downloaded. The additional malware is capable of stealing usernames, passwords, and other personal information, and can be managed and controlled by a hacker through IRC communication sessions.

Release: Spyblock Act Legislation Introduced
SpywareGuide Staff
SPYBLOCK Act would require consent, uninstall capabilities for software.

Remote Spyware Use- Warning to Parents
Wayne Porter
Remote spyware sounds good, but it can be a major security hazard waiting to trip you up. Ensure the software that is supposed to keep your children safe isn't exposing them to even greater hazards.

Remove Hidden Data in Microsoft Office
SpywareGuide Staff
Every digital document has its own hidden trail. Preserve your privacy with this free add-on for Office 2003.

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